About Us

Every engagement is unique and highly collaborative. We won’t ask you to conform to our way of doing things or require you to install new widgets. But instead, we’ll collaborate on a strategy rooted in analytics, proven to perform.

Customized Engagements

Every engagement is unique and highly collaborative.

Data-Driven Solutions

We’re an analytics agency. We believe data is the foundation of a sustainable marketing strategy, and predictive modeling is the means to achieving optimized outcomes.

Flexible Support

We’ll provide as little or as much support as you need.

Enabling Automation

Marketing automation is the key to efficiency and scalability. But automation platforms need instructions. We’ll write the algorithms.

Our Skills

Data Science

As data scientists, we’re analysts, DBAs, developers, and statisticians. We program in R, Python, SAS, SQL, PHP, HTML and JS/Jquery/AJAX to develop predictive algorithms, scrape data, automate ETL processing & decisioning platforms, and publish reporting dashboards. We build servers, host websites, maintain databases and compile datasets based on hundreds of millions of individuals and thousands of attributes, hosting over 50 Terabytes of managed data.

Marketing Strategy

As marketers, we’re strategists, experimenters and optimizers. We develop marketing plans based on prior experience, best practice in your industry, and data-driven insights unique to your business. Sustainable and predictable outcomes are the key to efficient acquisition, and experimentation is the foundation of building an optimal marketing plan.

Campaign Execution

We manage daily, weekly, and ad hoc marketing campaigns. We source data, develop creative materials and execute marketing programs through a network of vendors and activation partners. We can coordinate everything directly through our affiliates or we can work through your existing vendors. Upon completion of each campaign we measure results and then optimize performance through a continuous learning cycle for the duration of our client engagements.

How We Started

MineTrove was founded by Benjamin Moore, a career analytics professional, marketer, entrepreneur, and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Ben’s career started in 1999 as an analyst in the insurance industry, pricing insurance and conducting competitive research. Over time his role evolved into product management, including P&L ownership of an insurance portfolio, responsible for growth & profit.

In 2008, Ben transitioned to a direct marketing role, incorporating predictive modeling into media mix optimization, operational management (lead management, call optimization, website analytics) , and company-wide financial modeling (forecasting, P&L optimization). Combining predictive modeling with investment management practices led to an extraordinary improvement in marketing efficiency and explosive sales growth, doubling sales within 18 months on the same budget.

In 2014, Ben founded MineTrove and began working with marketers in Insurance, Retail, and Non-Profit to improve their results through predictive analytics.

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