Marketing Analytics Services

Whether you're an ad agency, startup or well-established marketer, we can help.

Predictive Modeling

Our proprietary multi-stage modeling algorithms are second to none and routinely improve the performance of our client’s campaigns.


Campaign analysis, web analytics, experimental test design, attribution, segmentation, profiling, reporting, forecasting, or other ad hoc analytics by request.

Media Mix Optimization

For multi-channel marketers, identifying cross-channel effects in your marketing mix is key to unlocking synergies and maximizing sales. Attribution is the challenge and we have solutions for that.

Data Brokerage

Whether you need data for your next customer acquisition campaign, or simply enhancement data for analysis, we can source it.

Database Management

ETL processing, merge/purge, list scoring, address hygiene, matchback analysis, deduping, data appends, scoring, and other custom solutions by request.

Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned marketer, we can help you build a roadmap to sustainable lead generation leveraging proven tactics from multiple industries.

Campaign Management

Full service campaign management expertise including strategy, creative development, copywriting services, print production management, scheduling, proofing/QC, tracking, and post campaign analysis.

Integrated Marketing

Multi-channel touchpoints are a proven strategy to boost the response of your target audience. We can develop targeted campaigns that integrate mail, email, social and digital in a carefully orchestrated campaign to drive sales.

Custom Tagging Solutions

Take website tracking to the next level with our custom analytics tagging solutions. Track visitors, understand their interests, measure campaign effectiveness, and more.

Social Media

Tactical social media ads paired with strategic content creation produces a platform that highlights your craft and enables a wider audience reach.

How It Works

Every engagement is unique and highly collaborative. We won’t ask you to conform to our way of doing things or require you to install new widgets. But instead, we’ll collaborate on a strategy rooted in analytics, proven to perform.

MineTrove was founded to perform one service really well: optimize marketing budgets. We combine industry leading data mining techniques, predictive analytics and econometric modeling to help you make better decisions. Better decisions that result in optimal outcomes. Optimal outcomes that lead to repeatable profits. Whether you need to optimize one campaign, one marketing channel, or your entire media mix, we can help.

Seasoned marketers know that marketing automation is the only path to repeatable, scalable lead generation.  Optimized marketing automation is rooted in analytics and predictive modeling. And building optimized, scalable marketing programs is what we do.

Some of our clients leverage our expertise to enter a new industry, launch a new product, or expand into new marketing channels. And to that end, as a full-service agency, we’ll support you on all aspects of strategy, analytics, creative development and campaign execution. Other clients are well-established and primarily leverage our expertise in analytics and predictive modeling and then take care of the rest.

Whether you’re just starting out or running a well-established team, we want to help you optimize results, grow sales and look like a rockstar!

Customized Engagements

Every engagement is unique and highly collaborative.

Data-Driven Solutions

We’re an analytics agency. We believe data is the foundation of a sustainable marketing strategy, and predictive modeling is the means to achieving optimized outcomes.

Flexible Support

We’ll provide as little or as much support as you need.

Enabling Automation

Marketing automation is the key to efficiency and scalability. But automation platforms need instructions. We’ll write the algorithms.

What Clients Are Saying

  • We hired MineTrove to help us build a marketing strategy when we launched our U.S. operation. They also acted as our full-service direct mail agency, building the predictive models and managing all of the campaigns. The results were spectacular. We did a ton of testing and identified a strategy that exceeded our targets. Very happy with the results.

    Brian Borkowski

    VP, MarketingNeilson Financial Services

    Brian Borkowski
  • MineTrove has supported our agency in several areas over the years, providing customized analytics solutions for a wide-variety of clients. Recently their data science expertise has helped us develop Remarketable, a cutting-edge multi-channel remarketing solution. We see them as an integral part of our team.

    Bryan MacDonald

    EVP, Strategic PlanningALC

    Bryan MacDonald
  • MineTrove developed our marketing plan when we launched our new small business insurance program about a year ago. We ran several in-market tests and now lead volume is outpacing capacity. Very excited about the growth.

    Tiku Raval

    Senior Vice PresidentIronshore

    Tiku Raval

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