Direct Mail Retargeting Benefits Art Retailer

Direct Mail Retargeting Benefits Online Art Retailer

An online retailer of artwork houses one of the largest selections of wall art in the world. This website sees hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors however only about 2% of those visits turn into sales. Learn how we added direct mail retargeting to their website remarketing efforts to boost online sales.

Low Conversion Kills Online Retailers

Most website visitors will come and go without purchasing, especially new visitors according to a study released by Episerver. In fact, for this online art retailer, 98% of traffic did not complete a purchase in the same session.  With hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, this retailer spends tons of money driving awareness to their website, but only 2% convert. They just needed a new way to drive additional sales from the 98%. Here’s how we increased sales with a new form of website remarketing: direct mail retargeting.

Audience Segmentation + Direct Mail Retargeting

Direct mail can be an expensive marketing channel and proper audience selection is critical for a scalable, cost-effective strategy. Website traffic was split into 4 segments based on site behavior. Each segment was assigned a differently themed postcard based on what the visitor viewed while on the site. A representative holdout group equal to about 25% of the available volume was set aside and did not receive any direct mail. This control allows us to measure incremental sales, in other words, whether this strategy was driving additional sales and not just capturing sales that would have happened already through other active website remarketing efforts.

Audience Segmentation + Direct Mail Retargeting

Customer Acquisition Jackpot

This approach produced 2X the sales vs the holdout group, resulting in a cost per new customer of only $67, well below this client’s new customer acquisition target. In other words, the mailed group achieved a 2% purchase rate, which is more than double that of the holdout group. Retargeting website traffic with direct mail offers is a no-brainer. These consumers have already expressed interest in your brand which means they’re warm prospects. Other prospecting opportunities such as modeled lists or trigger programs struggle to perform as well because you have to introduce your brand to a cold prospect while also asking the consumer to make a purchase. Of course, once these anonymous visitors become active customers, other highly-efficient CRM efforts (email blasts, catalog mailings, etc) drive repeat revenue for years to come.

Direct mail retargeting is an efficient way to grow sales and increase your CRM list from existing website traffic, and it’s an important component of a comprehensive digital retargeting program. Interested? Contact us to learn how you can setup direct mail retargeting for your web traffic.